RJB (February 11,1937 / Worcester Massachusetts)

Ring Presentation Poem: Sequel Inspired By Shel Silverstein's Poem 'one Inch Tall'

Donna, my dear, it should be quite clear
To anyone who has watched you trot
An inchworm you, indeed are not.
For despite your sensitivity,
If such were your proclivity,
Crawling would be your main activity!

Holding a job; pursuing your career;
Raising your family; keeping the Faith;
Studying intently; chasing a dream.
These are things we observed you doing.
Such activities are marks of devotion;
Never would they be possible, if you were but an inch worm!

After consultation with my spouse from not so long ago,
It has jointly been decided, you deserve the utmost credit
for the goal you have achieved.
As you wear this ring, remember that Viv and I agree,
We never found an inchworm who earned a doctoral degree!

(This is my tribute to my daughter-in-law, Donna.)

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