Between Iron And Silver

Stability with a lustrous shine
A hint of preciousness
Coursing through the stuff of life

Common as folks, rare as star shadows
Forged firmly in the flames of right
Cast into finery, befitting jewels

You are found between iron and silver,
Strong, stable, and beautiful

Inspired by a line in Hannibal, by Thomas Harris: “The most stable elements, Clarice, appear in the middle of the periodic table, roughly between iron and silver. Between iron and silver. That is appropriate for you, I think. “

by Robert Hiers

Comments (2)

A realistic dramatic monologue, spoken by a young lawbreaker. Ai has insight into the character of the persona, very much in the tradition of Robert Browning. 'Riot Act' is like depth psychology to me. I will read this poem again. Michael Walker.
She is one of the greatest. I love the sensual emotions her poems evoke. Very lyrical