Dark toned skin
Curls nestle on skull
Nose close to flat
What wrong with my birth?

Cords on guitar
tune well with
my vocal cords
my feet walk moon
rock I shall soon

Praise and pamper
my way to a super
stardom and dandier
I am power of power

Let me make over
set a new avataar
Rich outer
locks lovelier
nose sharper
eyes darker
I no more coloured
I am power of power

Let see what males adore
like a girl's doll
let me change
all over

Operated stretchered
stitched sutured
must I say
got every word
I uttered
I am power of power

Fairer leader singer dancer
rocker and changed gender
tasted all pleasure
But never got peace
my birth altered
my roots shattered
my heart beats
Yet I try suicide
suits and slander
leaves me meander
ends with me a story
oft quoted and trying
changing one self
is to happiness no key

by Soumita Sarkar Ray

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