Ripping On The Lone Ranger's Drinking Problem

The truck stop sign is rattling,
As teeth do;
A tenor laced metallic cackling,
On the thin dry air,
That says gas is $4.89,
And i don''t have a dime.

So I'm stuck here
Watching my cigarette burn
Like a train; smoke and sulfur,
Log after log, coal after coal,
Burning to ash; and embers
Hanging off the end
Like a smoldering Tower of Babel,
When another car sprays Tonto
With gravel and peels off the lot.

I think his leg has gone lame.
Legs, lungs, boilers; they do that.
Boilers explode, or just give out,
Springing leaks all over
Like a set of wasted lungs
On a desert locomotive,
From every seam and overpressured gasket.

Shit... I'm out of booze.

by Shannon Walker

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