Ripples Of Life As I Perceive! !

'Life cannot be without any ripples
Ripples may not be without breeze
Breeze may not be without trees
Trees cannot be without soil
And 'I' cannot be without any soil.'

Gentle breeze to heavy cyclones are the ripples, that fills our life with.
Ripples of gentle breeze sail smoothly like few lines in one's face with.
While ripples by stone, goes deeper down sea bed,
Leaving permanent wounds and scars.

When sea is calm, the boat of life will sail smoothly.
Even, when sea is turbulent, boat can sail smoothly,
If the captain of the ship, is firm and calm.

Life began sailing from one end to the other, passing through
all rough weathers, one reaches safely ashore to its destination,
While some give up on seeing storms, while some fight on till end.

It's in me, how ripples can be can be taken.
Ripples are our thoughts that can be shaken.
Ripples are sure to disturb the whole calmness of life.
For it's the nature of ripples to disturb the whole life.
Again for how long, the ripples has to be with me, is held by me.
Ripples of smiles in midst of storms can make one stronger even.

Life is sweet fragrance of love accompanied by many thorns.
Life often sail through upstreams and down streams.
Through any weather be it rough or calm.
Through hills and valleys.
Through day and night.
Through sweet and bitter experiences.

Life is never a smooth one, but always a challenging one.
Life keeps us hanging, in between the two extremes.
The balance of life was always in ups and downs.
Never did it stood still, balancing the balance.
May be, what was in my hand I couldn't perceive or
I looked up for, what was not in my hand.

The life from far looks as calm as sea.
Don't be surprised to see ripples smiling, when you touch the sea.
Did the boat ever stopped sailing on seeing the weather so rough?
Nothing can stop this boat from sailing by.
If stones have given many wounds and pain,
Time had healed the wound on it's own.
Deep scars may be left behind,
Which can be concealed with beautiful mask of smiles.

Life is a bouquet of flowers, with fragrance and thorns.
It's a non stop journey towards its destination.

All I can tell is 'Thank you' to this beautiful life lived ever.
As one may or may not get a chance to live a life hereafter!
I can sing, dance and enjoy the beauty of nature even in tears.
as I am blessed with this wonderful life!

Is it my thoughts keeps on changing?
Or is it my life keeps on changing?
What I think of life, may not be the same, for the very next day.
It's very difficult to analyze the ripples of life.
If my thoughts are stronger, no ripples can touch me ever.

Life is.....
One rose fenced with many thorns.
One boat encircled with many storms.
One tiny light burning bright, withstanding all cyclones and storms.
One destination with challenges many, but very often....
Changes with the time, thoughts, surroundings, understanding and experiences.
So what I perceive today may be completely different for tomorrow.
My thoughts are ever changing like ripples, sometimes gentle sometimes rough.

Today, I am not sure whether ripples are smiling at me or I am smiling at ripples!

Thank You!

By Geetha Jayakumar..


Note. I choose this topic as I loved the topic suggested by Dinesh Sir for poetry contest, which is now cancelled.

by Geetha Jayakumar

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A true sketch of life articulately written, everything is si interlinked to each other that if we try to solve the puzzle it will take several lives...Thoughtful poem 10++++
Beautiful imagery in this p. I felt it had a lot going on. You give us food for thought for more than one day.
I am also not sure whether ripples are smiling at me or I am smiling at ripples but they have to touch the shore.
Trees cannot be without soil And 'I' cannot be without any soil.'.. nice lines...10 i shall avail and enver fail when nature strikes i shall like nature shall not cause any harm but keep you fresh with no unlucky flash
You have begun the poem in a fantastic manner. It contains enough of philosophy. Life is always a question of an individual perception where my measuring scale is mine and your measuring scale, yours. Nobody can experience life through the eyes and brain and mind of another man. I can experience life only with my tools and everybody has these tools and all of us use them within a common range. That is how the world seem to be very common to all of us. Apart from that, my running stock is all mine. Within this vast nature, only a relative world could be always experienced. That is, no absolute truth could be found. All truths are only relative. That is, all of us are true within our individual boundaries, within our definitions about life, But, since everything is relative, within the level of comparisons, better truths can be evaluated for a better living. Our great masters asked us to follow these better truths. Mankind never progresses from error to truth but only from lesser truths to higher truths. Thoughts will always keep changing. Let the ripples come and go. The water content is more important. The nature of the pond is the final deciding factor whether one should take a dip there or not. Ripples can be easily removed by the composure of mind. Lower mind is repaired by higher mind. In other words, mind uses its own resources for expansions.
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