The Courageous Heart

When the heart has found renewed courage
Faith is a balm that heals the soul seeking reprieve,
And the wisdom of our knowledge increases with age,
But some nations and generation may not survive.

For when at last this world meets the other world,
A collision will break them into little fragments,
Falling out of the glassy sky walls like melted gold,
And our love runs away into the cold streets.

When worlds apart come out of the depth in space,
The courageous heart join humanism striving tirelessly,
With inept scars from wars stretching the human race,
Evasive society soon will need answers desperately.

Together mankind must strive towards perfection
Draw the narrow hearts closer to find each other,
And where there are no clear thought of reason
We lack the craft of knowledge in truthful desire.

Content to Live dreary lives by the same tiresome habits,
Where empty rooms in the mind has tried to expand,
Our ability to learn new ways with widening thoughts
Bravery comes with a price which makes demand.

by Gerry Legister

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