The morning sees to rise.
Gathering behind the hills, light soldiers.
Day to blitz the fields on cue.
Soon to fall victim, Dreamer of freedoms;
One last fling, before forces of Neptune flee.

Seeing the rise, the sun.
Eye pierced with blade of white; through the blinds.
Now through the lash, there is the day.
Caught by surprise, the battle begins.

Onward rise, forward the chariots trek
for This day... Apollo rides.
Swing of his sword of light, through the dawn.
Now two orbs espy the sight.

Army of Sun invades what once was night
And blankets the eyes
that can see no more the sun soldiers advance.
Shield of quilt slows the pace, but still it comes.

Struggle wanes, no more cause to hold the soft ground,
Darkness fled, to this Tyrant, Day.
to Emperor of sky, the elements bend
This new master commands; time to heed.

Conquered now.
Light dances to victory and the spoils to come.
Camp is made for its stay.
Plundered, rest gone to sunder
Now the fallen must succumb and join
To the field; it awaits…the occupied,

by Russ von Ohlhausen

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