Poem By Pragyan Dutta

The history you wrote with your sour and tales of lies
You may pace me in the sheer mud
But I 'll Rise.....

My boldness upsets you?
Still my worries caused you misery?
Because i held my head so high
Pumping in my heart

Like pumpkin and like sun
With belief of tides
Just like the hopes leap high
I 'll Rise......

Curious eyes that wanted to see me broken, bowed head and lowered eyes
Spirits falling down like teardrops and soulful cries?
Still I 'll Rise......

You pumped me with your words,
You rip me with your eyes,
Often killed by your hate-fullness,
But like a breeze
I 'll Rise......

Out of the shame of being raped, chained and often drugged for sex
I 'll Rise.....
From the past that was grounded by pain
I 'll Rise......
Escaping the nights of fright and doubts
I 'll Rise.....
Like a dream of a morn
I 'll Rise......

Comments about Rise

A refined poetic imagination, Pragyan. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.

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