Poem By Pamela Davison

You believe me a fool,
Easily consumed by your authority,
Basking in your biases
To dictate my future,
Yet you cannot know
The walls I've had to bring down.

Can you feel the heat of my stare?
While you scream for
The audacity I display
By remaining here,
I am motivated by your disapproval.
I can smell your fear.

It's just what we all need,
This betrayal of subterfuge,
Masked and hiding
Behind anonymity,
But know this much...
I will not bow to your gravity.

You don't remember me,
But I linger in the mist,
Watching and waiting
For your arrival
With whispers of welcome,
Then I'll show you what grace is.

Even when your monsters
Call my name,
Denying my quality,
You'll see this rebel
Fly over you
Like a velvet sky.

In the aftermath of your brutality
I shall continue to sing.
I will shine brighter,
Until your acceptance
No longer matters.
I will rise above this, too.

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