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It's harder to do than to simply say
When you want to succeed all you going through the process
It all started when i was sitting on a wooden chair
Looking at the white board full of black marks
Paying attention when the teacher is teaches
Took the exam that you don't like
And made you afraid of failure
And fall
And fall
As there was no satisfaction to live
Too many failures have involved
And you didn't know that
It led you to success
It's harder to do than to simply say
Nothing is instant
The gift is in the process
All the satisfaction you wanna be
There are many stages in it
Feel tired from all nighters
Study full time and still working
Remember? nothing is as important
As you are;
Take care of your self.
Failed on test?
It's okay to be not understand about something
It's okay to get bad grades
Don't be afraid to fail
Life isn't all about good things only
You are so brave, you are
Brave to learn and work hard
Brilliant to manage your time
Wake up in the morning
And get it all done
I admire it
I bet that all of you are good because either way,
Either way to achieve your dreams
For family, yourself and world
And make it real

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