VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

Rise Above

Atop of the conversing paradox, for nothing
So much in verbal complications, for something
Many words, too little of a successful acronym
Much left unspoken, as true feelings kept within

So scared and unconfirmed, that this is the time
When we can’t say the right things, of a souls mime
A complication, in the greatest gift we’re granted
Look upon the soil of the flowers, we never planted

Sometimes when the all answers, seem so obvious
We never take the handle, and remain so devious
Is, this life, and the value of ourselves slipping away
Can’t we slow this down, have we surpassed the day?

So much in the exhale that we never stop, to take in
The point of this objective, if there was one to begin
Where did this all go wrong, can we not rescue this?
Bring it back again, where we left, and find the bliss

It’s right there in our power, right there in the stars
Is there not an angel that can rekindle this, from the scars?
Another child cries, as another father dies, in another war
Powers we voted, yet they just write concessionary law

Something, I’ve never been able to fathom in my mind
The granting of us, to always feel we’re being left behind
Much time on our hands, when time itself, is our remedy
Why do we do this to ourselves, will we burn completely?

Is the moment of our salvation, buried beneath the strife?
Do we live in hell now for the excuse of the afterlife?
Why does it take the tears of a child to break your heart?
When the death of the thousands, is all but playing the part

Don’t you feel we could snap the fingers, make it stop
Raise our beliefs and desires to a degree that is a top
Human suffering we could end, and turn again to Love
Don’t you just wish we could just simply rise above?

by Vision Ghost

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