Rise And Fall~~~ The Ocean Of Love~~~

Poem By Chuy Amante

For eyes at sea and ears that are here,
LOVE continues, undulating, toward heart nears.

Fears, tears, I'll take it all!
Alive it is! Rise or fall!

Waves come and where do they go?
Waves keep coming, blow by blow.

Waves keep rolling inward, tall,
Waves never cease, they rise and fall...

Rise and Fall~~~ Rise and Fall~~~

In a Universe where all has essence,
Love at its core, Love always presents.

Rise and Fall~~~ Rise and Fall~~~

Rolling, flowing,
inertia opens the way,
if it doesn't roll in,
what's in the way?

The Sea delivers, unceasingly without fail,
the waves rolling, crashing, in an endless swell!

Long after the ocean has died and gone dry,
The Pulse of the Universe will continue to supply,


Rise and Fall~~~ Rise and Fall~~~

Comments about Rise And Fall~~~ The Ocean Of Love~~~

'Classy' in a word.The rhythm is swaying me keeping on its palm.Loved.
Beautiful rise and fall of ocean's rhythm, as the tide come in and out. Love the ocean, love this poem. RoseAnn
The lines of the poem move like waves in the ocean. Beautiful poem. Thank you.

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