Rise Me

that you have blessed my life rise me up the sun
the power that you have showing me
that my soul been cast the thing's I have felt in my heart
as the moonlight that has from the light
glow was mine the sky Is so deep like dark blue
sky the reason the warmth from this moment
that you have look up my heart and through away the key
do not take thing's for grated
so many times I have ask for help that I was not
alone trouble I have ask I had are so gone
ride on the cloud's are like so soft many times
before look deep down in my heart
you have shine the light on this earth like candlelight
true warmth of smile places and now and than
thing's as cross my mind to pointless
you have show me the way beyond in time like a
clock past time that I have turning my life

by sabrina spriggs

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