Rise Of An African Youth

Rise of an African Youth
I have seen greater things come from the hopeless most parts; I have witnessed greater heights climbed by the shortest of people; I have seen kings emerge from the useless most servants; I, have witnessed presidents emerge from the dumbest of students in class; and even though I have seen all these things, what fascinates me the most is the story of bees, Honey! Listen, even the mighty lion flees from the swam; even Samson couldn't break a bunch of twigs with his thumb; but to see my fellow youths live as though they have no power, now that renders my heart even numb or am I just dumb?
For believing that the youths can actually rise; for believing that these youths will put down their phones for a second and listen, am I just dumb for thinking that these youths can actually learn to utilize their talents. Am I?
I have heard greater voices when these youths sing; I have witnessed real art when these youths work together; I have seen great leaders emerge from these youths; I have witnessed firsthand the variety of talent embedded in them, I, have seen rappers, poets, painters, actors, dancers and the list is endless, trust me for I, have seen the potential of these youths, in their movement now I guess you can call that Kinetic energy, because like an energy drink these cats are too wild to be tamed by system that is solely designed to hinder progression of the youths; now that renders my heart even numb or am I just dumb?
For believing that these youths will actually listen to the true purpose of this poem; for believing that these youths will not just snap, at the punchlines but rather snap, from their individualistic mentality and snap, this art with their minds. Am I?
Only if we work together as a youth can we help mold this continent that we so believe in; only by putting our hands together can we actually mend this system we tame as broken, because we are the youths, Imitee ikula, empanga and we, have the power to rise…

by Kondwani Simwaba

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