Rise Throughout The Day.

An empty page lay as a child un –aging
The page is raging, awaiting the kiss of the ink.
If only to forever miss the interest of waking eyes,
Forever into obscurity the child is sinking.

We are as Adam and Eve cast from the garden of Eden,
We are as children with wisdoms eternal imbued.

I lay here alone in sinking.
Thinking un-blinking of knowing
Your touch to be real.
Here I am out of reach, insecure,
Here I am seeking a cure to my ailment,
Here I am placid in descent.
As you adorn the town in multi-shaded fineries
Not so far beyond the horizon. I’m dancing out of time.

Two oaks entwine, there branches alphabets in the wind.
A lake beside doth conceal a girl
Upon whose vibrations angels swim.

We may rise together, ascending as stars into the void.
Don’t get annoyed, don’t let them toy with your emotions.

Never close enough to kiss.
They’re yours, the lips I’m missing.
Missing though I have never known
Their presence upon my own.
I seek shelter from the storm of insecurity, I seek fame in obscurity.
In the knowledge of knowing
We reveal more than we ever intended to be included within the show.

I promised I would dance with you, free of inhibition.
I promised I would dance for you, as though on exhibition

Rise throughout the day.
Rise to the occasion.
Find your way, your own way.
Lead us through in celebration.

A troupe of Fey sway in rhythm.
Ecstasy fuels their march.
As pipers pipe a merry cheer,
Heralding the coach – the tomb
OF the breathing queen.
Her palace is her prison.

by David Lacey

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