PM (4th November.1988 / Lusaka)

Rising Again

I choose to be unstoppable.
I am bigger than my concerns and worries.
The strength of others inspires me daily.
I focus on my goal,
I trust my intuition and live a courageous life.
I was born a fighter.
Many times I have fallen but that is not
my destiny.
I have always risen up and I will keep rising.
He is always offering me a helping hand
he is reminding me that that I a m a victor
Because he has never lost the fight.
Even when Satana Mujelekezi doing all he can to
make me useless kwati even.,
My God is always at the tag of war fighting for a sinner
like me and offering me the everlasting life if I believe
in him. and
I am bringing back my fighting spirit
I'm back on track comrades no fears and no tears,
Not being in the devils comfort zone when he chaffs
me by calling me dear, But Always on a gear to run him
over, My time is not just near it is here.
If Christ be for me, Devil you are a liar.

'Akuna Matata', it means no worries

by Preston Mwiinga

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