Rising Evil

Camouflaged, by
pseudo colours of Virtue,
Evil rise in distinct forms,
shining resplendently

Acolytes celebrating
across the world,
with applauses and gunfire
The worldly souls are just witness,
to boisterous triumphant chants

The gilded tongues
mesmerising the miserable mortals
with magniloquent promises,
never to be realised

Masses yearning as never before
Evil igniting their desires
Mob turning into moths,
pulled by the vicious fire

None, spared by malicious Evil,
it's Just a matter of time
The unhurt sings paeans,
until they are trounced

Spreading venomous doctrines
from every podium they acquire
Intoxicating human emotions,
maligning love for mankind

Good: the born influencer,
within everyone's conscience,
lying, bare, helpless
drubbed by the legions of Vice

Lapping the wet wounds
patiently, waiting for it's time
The Virtue lost all comrades,
they are now part of Evil's crime

Camaraderie, Hope and Community
were all good old allies
divided by the deception
they are now part of Evil's lie

From subtle to Gross
It switches to all forms
fighting with its allies
deceiving the mankind

Evil fighting Evil,
to acquire the supreme power
Battered Virtue is obscured,
Somewhere in the humans pain and ire

Someday Truth would resurrect
with its all might and power
when every human conscience,
rise above the material craves and delights.

┬ęSreejith Kulaparambil


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