Risky Business

What is all the screaming about?
Aren't they the ones who said,
They wanted less government in their daily affairs?

But they are losing their investments.
Jobs, homes...
And with that, their respect.
How are they expected to live,
If nothing left is what they get? '

I haven't seen a dime yet...
Or a dollar printed from the mint,
Without someone from the government represented.
With their face boldly on it.
And 'that' had been a dead president.

And folks say they want less government in their lives?

They've got it!


Well nothing.
They shouted for less involvement,
Now they've got just that!
Less of it being circulated.

Giving people what they ask for these days,
Is risky business.
Especially after they've sobered from a sustained stupor!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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