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Risky Business
(July 14,1982 / Los Angeles, California)

Risky Business

Poem By Sean Furlong

I don't take negative or unexpected consequences very well
I've gotta think things through or spend life in hell
An unruly life I do not desire
for all my plans I've made for so long
might unravel after one backfire

This game of risk is not unlike that of world conquest
The process of both can leave a person quite stressed
Move this army here, move that army there
Take your risk out in the open and be left quite bare
Yes, oh no, they've now seen you without clothes
So vulnerable is he while we're out to smash egos

The slump of depression is one of tribulation
Escaping from such requires more than fibrillation
This all can be healthy, believe that to be true
But save the drama for your momma
and keep the frequency down to only a few

I'll just keep on saving my risk in my dreams for now
Let my mind have a field day and work it out somehow
The comfort of safely is just too hard to pass up
Let others try new things while you mooch off the benefits
Gather experience for when you finally shapeup.


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