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Ritual Of The Degenerate
CAO (8th August,1963 / Nigeria)

Ritual Of The Degenerate

Poem By Chidi Anthony Opara

They storm solemn city,
city of succour,
citadel of black gold,
clutching smouldering machines,
sharing sorrows,
blasting big bullets
on biceps and bossoms of decency.
You turn now my city
into sodom,
sin city of satan,
you servants of sorrow,
degenerate desciples
of distorted humanity,
descendants of depraved pedigree,
purchased by poluted personages
to pour poison
on our polity.
You rouse me now
from sumptuous sleep,
servants of sin,
at this unsaintly hour,
this boundary hour
of dusk and dawn.
It matters not to you
that my humanity,
my mandate
was stolen
in that election,
in that ritual of the degenerate.

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Well done! An easy 10.