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River Allow

River Allow from the Mullagheirk Mountains along the Cork Limerick border winds it's way
Near Kanturk it joins River Dalua babbling onwards night and day
At Ballymaquirk it enters the Blackwater to increase the big river's flow
The true age of River Allow anybody would not know
This ancient Munster waaterway over decades of time
Has inspired song and story and the men and women of rhyme
Have written so much about it long before story and song
And long before it became known as River Allow it was babbling along
To join the big river flowing to the Pacific shore
Through a country green and beautiful it will flow forever more
The journeys of the rivers to the oceans began
Long before the age of the dinosaurs or the birth of the first woman and man
By the Cork and Limerick border it will flow forever more
To join the Blackwater River to the far Atlantic shore

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