River Of Life

The passion of the heart flows
Like mighty rivers rushing.
The logic of the mind turns
The pure soul into a crushing
- Boulder - uncontrollable, flowing in a stream
That no man be knowing -
Only in a glimpse of a dream.

To judge such an unpredictable thing
One’s mind must be in a sling.
And to their heart one must be true to follow -
Otherwise say, “Goodbye” to the morrow.

At the end of the long winding river
Are the white pearly gates
Where sweet emancipation may await.

Sadly though, as you may know,
The mind’s of many are dissipate.
Many don’t bother to shut the gate,
To pick up sticks, or do fancy tricks,
But choose to squander their potential.
Running from life,
A rushing flood of passion,
That crushes the abstraction
Of lone pure satisfaction.


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