River Road

There's a certain spot in my home town that's beautiful to see
Where the tender lush green grasses from a carpet o'er the lea.
It is near the Crescent City, where the levee twists and bends
All the way down to the delta where the Mississippi ends.

There's a long gray band of blacktop that goes curving round the mound--
On ome side protective levee; on the other homes abound;
And the gently swaying willows that grow near the river's bank
Form a fence with ancient oak trees to surround the outer flank.

There the flowering magnolias waft their perfume through the air
To vie with colorful crepe myrtles and oleanders fair
In so heavenly a setting that could ever meet the eye.
What a treat to every motorist who happens to pass be!

Sometimes in the early evening, when the sun is getting low,
You will meet a lone fisherman with his river cats in tow;
Or behold a group of riders a 'galloping o'er the quay,
Or enjoying the river breezes with their sturdy mounts at bay.

There is where I yearn to linger when my hard day's work is done
And I slowly wend my weary way into the setting sun;
For my heart is filled with gladness as I shed my heavy load
In this little part of Eden, which is called the "River Road".

by Cecilia W. Praetorius

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