Pretty Ugly

I know I’m pretty,
You don’t have to tell me.
Or is that why you’re avoiding me?
You cannot stand the limelight
I’m stealing from you,

Is my Malay-Chinese-Thai descent threatening you?
Do you roll your green eyes,
Or bite your tongue
Whenever guys peek through
The side windows when I’m driving?

And you,
What a remark you made!
I heard from a good friend,
You think I'd be a terrific mum (? ! !)
Is that a compliment or an insult?
You think I’m too colorful to serve for a prestigious company?
Oh well, I think you’re wrong.

I know I’m pretty,
You don’t have to remind me.
Guys battled to win my affection,
Dinner invitations almost every night.
No affirmations though, only cruel turn-downs.
Overloaded attention -
I choked,
And had my number changed.

I know I’m pretty,
I saw you staring from afar,
I heard your room mates talking about me,
And girls, they whisper behind my back.
I must be pretty okay,
But why do I feel so freaking ugly? =(

by Lara W.A

Comments (20)

in the dungarees of childhood, - - -one of those perfect lines we all yearn to write and will stick in our minds forever
Very good poem. Nature, our beloved mother, what did we do to her?
This poet belongs in the company of giants like Angelou, Dickinson, Frost and others in the top 500. She earned every word of Frank Avon's well-thought out comment and the enthusiastic comments of Pulingat and Dillon and Hall. Frankly, I have seen other people's poems being placed in the top 500 that did not deserve that honor at all. This one deserves its placement- it is top flight writing. Bravo indeed!
This, in my opinion, is exactly what 21st century poetry should be like: its sounds, its cadence, its powerful imagery, its accessibility yet subtlety, and above all its message. You are to be congratulated - and I trust you are being publsihed elsewhere than on PH pages. IMO, the line endings are just right - the enjambments read smoothly and contribute to the steady rhythms. But, I guess what amazes me most is the way your words always suggests rhymes without ever actually rhyming. I wish I could learn to do that. It's a masterful skills. Not to mention the horrific, damning pun with which the poems slaps you at the end. Bravo!
First paragraph and last line are delightful. I dont like the way the lines are broken up though. The way it flows is nasty and seems to characterize the way the river is being described. I like the idea though and it is nice to find someone that is writing about important things.
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