Poem Hunter
ED (21/2/1974 / England)


Poem By Edward Durand

The river spirals back to sea
She flows past trees and fields of green
Past mountains that stand in glory
Over rocks that tell their story
She flows underground still guiding
Still guided her way she is finding
She washes and refreshes all in her path
Flowing with force she gives nature a bath
And back to the sea, returned to one
And back to the clouds, her cleansing done
Rained back to source, the cycle complete
She flows on again, a nourishing treat
The serpent encircles the land
Giving life to woman and man
Meandering over the earth and through time
In the eternal cycle sublime
And we are flowing too
Through all we see and do
The flow maintains the beats of our hearts
Cleansing to give us new hopes and new starts
The river holds the blessings of time.

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