Rivers Never Go Reverse

Poem By Qiniso Mogale

Rivers never go reverse
If all could emulate rivers
If all could live like rivers
Forget the past hurts
Let go of grudges
Forget past injustices
Forge ahead
Forgive unconditionally.

Rivers never go reverse
Rivers don't recycle waste
Rivers don't eat their own puke like dogs
Like pigs they don't return to the pigsty after
having been bathed
Resemble rivers
What failed before will fail again
A philosopher once said"Don't go digging
where God buried your sins"
Repent and forsake your sins.

Comments about Rivers Never Go Reverse

Nice poem I like it much I think it can be take as proverb
Nice poem like it much. I think it can be take as proverb.
Rivers of faith flow in one direction. God's river leads to perfection. To go back where you started is not pleasing to God. New water is always falling to refresh the river. From the heart pure water must keep flowing. Thank dear poet and friend. 10
A truthful poem. Loved the quote. Thanks for sharing.
This is so much of our living. Amazing Man

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