Noble And Unsullied

On the river bank, sit and see the maple forest in the evening
A bright moon hanging and shadows of pines slanting
Bamboo shows empty heart, the feeling charming
Plum whites proud bones, character noble and unsullied

对联体 ● 七绝罗志海著译
Two Pairs of Couplets ● Seven Words of Quatrain by Luo Zhihai

◆ Chinese Text



by Luo Zhihai

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I'm speaking allegorically, about the force of God's forgiveness, in spite of all the grotty things we do. It starts off with repentance and has nothing to do with our human idea of peace. Read John 16: 33 for more info.
consistent use of water imagery... soothing.... but dosen't the river of peace also wage war, attaining its ends through destruction; through breaking, pelting, dissolving?