(18 January 1982 - / Pretoria, South Africa)


In the midst of a wild, cool, a placid
Small little stars they scurry around
A community of life in silence they sound
The submittance to the greater roar in passion abound.

Waters of calm contain them with caress
They yearn only it’s welcome, it’s peaceful embrace.

Each in it’s own they create their world
So significantly big, so vast, so complex
Too big for themselves to grip onto mind.
Yet, the river flows with passionate ease.

Scurry scurry, making ripples they go
Endless ripples to the bounds of the flow
Circular impacts so proudly bestowed
Yet the river flows with passionate ease.

O greatness of this current magnificent wild
Containing the weak, the proud as Your child
We marvel at our ripples our magnificent waves
Yet the river it flows with passionate ease.

Waves of influence we ripple away
Creating a truth by which we sway
Ripples and waves collide, concuss
But all the while in this current we stay
‘Cause the river it flows with passionate ease.

I see a river rushing, silently crushing
A foe of dust and drought and death.
I see a tide rushing, violently it’s crushing
Our selves our fears our enemies to death
Because our River of love flows
With passionate ease.


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