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Roaches That Stab
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Roaches That Stab

People come into our lives,
smiling, nodding, How are you?
They stay for a bit, smiling, nodding.
They eat off your table,
they use your name,
they smile, nod and say:
How are you?
Then, one day, after
they have eaten your food,
smelled your roses,
finished your Beaujolais
and slept on your pillow
they wait, until it's midnight.
And then, they stab you in the back.
Again, and again, and again.

And, if asked the obvious question,
WHY? The will say, after some
initial hesitation............
NOTHING. That is, my dear friends,
because they have run.
Run to hide in Texas.
In a burrow, where only cowards,
cockroaches and evil spirits hide.
And that is, of course, sadly,
where they belong.
Because they do not have
what makes a normal human being.
Never will have.

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Comments (12)

RC, there are no 'disfunctional bachelors' (sic) at this end. Just frustrated, well-adjusted family men. Perhaps that's what bugs certain individuals... H
Thanks Allan, just to add to this: Let them dig. What they will get out of that is two things, one is a bad back combined with a frustrated brain (no big thing because theirs would be no big thing) and it is always possible that she who digs will fall into the hole. Don't you just LOVE cowards? H
Herbert there is a lot of people who call themselves BRUTUS you get a little bit of success, and they come out of the woodwork, with there shiny knives waving there bibles and there university degree, digging into your past they become god, able to fogive sins, try to piss on you they wouldn't have a clue what life is about or poetry for that matter just carry on with your poetry Herbert, it is called freedom of speech they have nothing better to do Warm Regards ALLAN JAMES SAYWELL
is everyone here a disfunctional bachelor? and here I was thinking H was a well adjusted family man- oh the loss of innocence
Sorry to hear that, Herbert. Name and shame? You owe it to (her?) next potential victim...meanwhile, have a good day on the beach and don't forget your sin-goggles.
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