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Road Ahead
DW ( / Ireland)

Road Ahead

Chewing on your gum inside the car,
staring out the window wishing for afar,
moonlit drives amongst the rain and stars,
forgetting old wounds and new scars.

Hearing our heart beat on streets where we met,
has got new meaning without fear, without regret,
wishing your love would pour so I can get wet,
as we light up another loves cigarette.

Driving and reminiscing of days with the radio on,
can you hear it all around? ? ,
at the place where lost id found,
that great love sound.

Wanna feel your warmth, wanna feel your kiss,
be your rock when your waters rise and need tenderness,
keep driving short distances, but still a long way to go for us,
can you let go, come back to the start of our love and trust? ?

Driving home, I don't want to go home,
not without you and the thought of you being all alone,
thinking of tonight and how it felt right keeping control,
dreaming of the night, to hold you tight, until the break of dawn.

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