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Road To Easy Home
AU AtreyaSarma Uppaluri ( / Hyderabad, AP, India)

Road To Easy Home

I want to own a piece of prime land
And a cosy home free of cost-band
Without any threat of countermand

And I want to live pretty gritty
In a good centre of the city
With no threat of usurping enmity

I want a decent living, needing not to roam
And staying steadfast in my own proud home

I want to have free power
And free water to shower
Everything under my bower

I am a staunch devotee of god’s grace
Want his shrine next to my living place
For I’d love to be in his shade’s brace

I love to be in the company daily
Of faithful men and women fairly
Of children, boys and girls squarely

Yes, then, do choose an auspicious date
And deeply on your god meditate
Do be stout; don’t a bit hesitate
And with chosen henchmen hasten straight
In the dead of a night desolate
Oh, to a vantage spot truly great

Clear a spot you like the best
And install an image in zest
And raise over there just in a while
A make-shift shrine with a smile

And bound the ground with boulders around
And pitch up pious pennants of the god, to sound
Warning signals to the sacrilegious to confound

Manipulate and drum up some frenzied support
From a bunch of devotees that faithfully report
Have some miracle staged up well
Then the numbers would anyway swell
Like a cyclone or a tsunami hell

Now your much yearned multiple dream
Turns into a wholly realised scheme
And live there happily with a beam
Generation to generation like a stream
For ever with undiminished esteem.

[Apr 06,2009: : Hyderabad - 500 056]

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