Road To Nowhere!

Walking along this narrow road,
Outside it is extreamly cold,
Wondering where I was going,
Without anyone else knowing.

I feel afraid and alone,
With no-one else being able to hear me moan,
Once again the wind changes direction,
There I face my own reflection.

I look to my left and I see a bus shelter glass,
Inside I see the face I cant bare to see last.
I carry on walking into the long night,
With the shining moon light.

Tears run down my rosie cheeks,
Once again I am incredibily weak.
Im stuck on my own in this road, I can't see an end,
The only person that could help is a friend.

My friends have all left me,
At the moment forget that..Infront of me I see a sea.
Blistering cold winds, I run for it,
Wondering what I was going to commit.

My feet dragging on the soft sand,
All alone I stand,
Slowly walking towards the sea front,
My mind slowly confronts.

Shall I fall in the unbearable cold water?
Would I commit such a slaughter?
No-one would miss me if I went,
Here I go..Knee's bent..

Falling slowly into the water, shaking with fear,
Inside I hear voices cheer, looking into the reflection in the water I see tears.
Letting go of everything in me, my body goes under...
Floating around is my body and my mind begins to wonder.

My heart beat slows down,
The once beautiful smile, is now a frown.
The road didnt see an end..
But my life did, this is when I truely needed a friend.

by Becky Ginn

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