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Road To Recovery
BP ( / London)

Road To Recovery

Poem By Bridgid Patrick

Who ever thought I would be doing this after almost a year
I have finally had more than enough, I've cried my last tear
All I ever did was love you, it was all I ever wanted to do.
I thought we'd make it last forever, together, Me and You.
Theres a fine line between being, loving, loyal and patient
And being a total fool, whos stubborn, stupid and naive
I now realize I crossed that line a while ago, shame on me
For letting love make me so blind I could not see
I'm opening my eyes now for the first time in a long time
I found myself in jail though I commited no crime
It's about time i broke free, I am not afraid anymore
I will go on, I'll be fine, Its time for me to open that door
I thought I would love you forever, but forever has found its end
I am going to get on with my life now, happiness is just over the bend
I am not going to be your fool, I'll never again walk that road
I kissed a frog looking for a prince and all I found was a toad
I'm not looking back, I'm going to forget you if it takes my entire life
All you ever caused me was a lot of pain, and strife.

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Were you looking for a princeSS? How interesting.