WC (15-12-1989 / Malaysia)

Roadie Love

When I was drunk, you was beautiful!
You smelled of tar on a newly laid road.
When I was drunk, you was wonderful!
You had pretty warts like that of a toad.

Your eyes are round like manhole covers,
Your face shines like a polished car.
I think we two are the fated lovers,
Like two patties on a burger fr'yer.

Your the Chevy I never had,
The Ol' Seventy-nine I could never restore.
Oh please be mine, I love you mad!
Your not like 'em other whores.

I'll be the wheels in the front,
You'll be the wheels at the back;
Marriage will be our connectin shaft,
We'll get rid of 'em brakes, oh heck!

You stole my 'eart you pretty robber,
Marry me, you won't regret!
'Urry now, I'll soon be sober!
And discover you're an ugly wretch.

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Comments (2)

Thanks poetry hound. The reason why it has bizarre rhyme is because the poem is meant to be the type of poem written by a roadie. Things that we often see as rather unflattering, the roadie sees as quite beautiful. I.e. i don't think much of a Chevy, but i'd think a roadie might. (of course i could but totally wrong)
A kind of stupid poem, but I like it because it's bizarre. You and your lover are like to hamburger patties? That's too wacky! Were you just trying to look for something to rhyme? Well, it sure come off funny.