Roads That Separated

When years would pass by
and I'd be alone
with nothing to care for
your face, standing at the road that separated,
would come back to me.

I don't have you now
and will never do,
for my destiny is a twisted one
in which I had to leave you,
so please take the other road.

Another awaits you, I'm sure,
so fly to her.
She awaits you with brimming love
and a love which is unconditional too
so don't let it be too late, fly to her.

Leave me to fight my war
and when the war is won, I will return,
but only if it's me who won.
So I want you to stop waiting,
for your destiny is another.

Let us move on like brave creations,
on to our goals set for us,
as if we never knew each other.
And if we happen to meet on the end of our roads
do not hesitate, let us be together.

by Gayathri Menokee

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