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Roaming Around World

Roaming Around World

The more I learn, the less I know
I am like a closed window
The more I run, the less I reach
I am roaming around lost beach
The more I think, the less outcome
There is no peace, there is no home
I am like a tear in eyes
There is no sun, there is no rise
The world full of terror and shock
Weapon set rules rather than talk
Bloodless rose, fearful beast
No differ west it is, or east
An endless road, a tank, a bomb
A girl, her doll, what is our job?

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Reading this, I join you in feeling great sadness and unfathomable grief. This poem admits helplessness but also carries powerful moral force. Because of horrors witnessed, all of life feels like an act of weeping. When beasts shed the blood of innocents, the rose's pretense of aloofness is a travesty of beauty.
A very poignant poem, Fatemeh. I think that the majority of ALL people just want peace. It is our so called leaders and governments who act selfishly
I love peace//////////
You are a messenger of peace. Beautiful write. Keep up the good work.