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Rob Rowley's Billy Goat

Rob Rowley's billy goat was looking and feeling sickly not unlike an old tree battered by a storm
And worse for Rob it was goat rutting Season and his prize sire his sexual duties unable to perform
He had the vet in for to look him over but the vet said nothing for him I can do
He does not have a temperature yet he is dying the most he will last is a day or two.

His prize goat was dying about that Rob unhappy the financial loss of it he had to face
A top stud goat for to buy is quite expensive and his loss would be so hard to replace
His goat's first crop of kids were shaping like prize winners the thought of his financial loss for him was hard to bear
The years of drought had left him all the poorer and he did not have any cash to spare.

Then it occured to Rob that 'Miracle Mineral Solution' of late had healed his septic spider bite
He thought for my goat it might prove a life saver and to him restore his sexual appetite
Before he went to bed of it he gave the goat a couple of spoonfuls the poor creature took it with a drooping head
Rob thought for my prize puck it does seem over in the morning I expect to find him dead.

He awoke at dawn and after having breakfast when he went outside he could scarce believe his eyes
He had to pinch himself for to prove he was not dreaming for him it was a beautiful surprise
His goat was back in full health and was rutting 'Miracle Mineral Solution' had done the trick again
Of Jim Humble's wonder cure Rob Rowley is a loyal fan and as a fan of it he will remain.

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