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Come to Australia in search of very good job
Changed my name from Lob to Rob
And though work not easy for to find
Aussies to me good and kind.

When I go to Centrelink
Lady behind the counter at me smile and wink
Why she wish to help me she explain
You came to my Country by plane

Were you a boat refugee
You would not get help from me
You'd be in detention instead
On a diet of tea and bread.

You don't have to work we pay
And in my Country you can stay
Terrorists don't arrive by plane
And with us may you long remain.

Aussie Government pay me for to go to school,
Now I am nobody's fool
And now I can be understood
And I speak the English good.

Thank you Phil Ruddock and wee Johnny Howard
And all by you who have been empowered
And since I'm not a poor boat refugee
Your employees take good care of me.

They say Rob's a real good guy
He can stay here till he die
And because he arrived by air
He can now live on welfare.

I'm not a poor boat refugee
And I am happy and I am free
To come and go at my own whim
My cup of joy full to the brim.

And because I did not come by sea
They seem very kind to me
And say in Aussie Land you can remain
Since you have arrived by plane.

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