BA (10/13/89 / Maryland)


Worried and kinda scared,
whats going to happen to you,
don't wanna lose you,
to what your going through,
don't leave me here all alone again.
I fear i'll lose you,
if i haven't already,
your slipping away so slow,
keep getting far away from me.
Don't run away,
cuz that won't fix anything,
i know that deep down inside you know things will be ok,
cuz like someone said'there's good in everything bad',
in time things will work themselves out,
but for now all you can do is have hope and believe what i say.
Don't give up,
cuz you can pull through,
you have a lot to live for,
once including you,
so many care for you,
yet you don't know it.
You'll have me and i'll have you,
friends till the end,
through and through.
: : end: :

written: 10/19/05

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