Robed And Performance Ready

A tuned robed choir
In place and ready
To vibrantly fill the air
For a walking, listening, audience.
See and hear red-breasted robin pull a worm,
Peck-pecking, red-headed woody,
Pleasing orange of the trilling oriole,
The ever saucy blue jay,
Chirping sparrow and bobbing wren,
Graceful diving of a swallow,
And brilliant red whipping cardinal
Filling the air.
A colorful palette for artists, too,
Crescendos swell in springy, lace-leafed trees,
The brightened sound of summer's warmth,
Diminishing, a decrescendo at fall's approach,
Then the renewing silence of winter's quiet.
Home concert lifts the spirit, a harmonious relief,
And thanks to the Great Composer and Director
Who chose this concert place, our earth home.

by Elizabeth Hoch

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