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Robert And John
(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Robert And John

Poem By Marilyn Lott

It was a perfect summer day
When John and Robert took a ride
Robert was at the wheel
And his brother John was by his side

They visited Tom Sawyer’s fence
You remember the story
That left little kids in suspense
But it was fun and not at all gory

Mark Twain was a great author
And Tom Sawyer was his first tale
It opened a door that sent him
On a career that did so well

So the guys took a trip to Missouri
To find all they could discover
Stopped to eat at Steak n Shake
That serves food like no other

It couldn’t have been a better day
Yes, the two had a wonderful time
Seeing old barns, windmills and sunsets
As the brothers watched the day unwind

I’m sure that wasn’t the last time that
John and Robert spent time together
Jaunting across the country
Perhaps again in warm sunny weather!

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