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Robert Buchanan

He will always be remembered when great writers we recall
For a legendary figure was the poet from Caverwall
One of the finest writers of literature's golden time
He was a man of passion with sweet music in his rhyme.

The fans of Robert Buchanan respect to his memory pay
His truth to some seemed bitter but in his words he had his say
And his poems were of the luckless those who lived rough and hard
And he too was one who suffered and he too by life was scarred.

He died in his sixth decade a century ago
But for his life's endeavours he did not have much to show
The money he had made out of writing with him did not remain
Whilst lesser writers than he enjoyed financial gain.

The poet long dead and buried but his works will never die
And the poems of Robert Buchanan I read them as a boy
And that was many years ago far north and far away
And the boy of the nineteen fifties has known a better day.

When those who love to talk of literature the great poets do recall
One name sure to get a mention is the poet from Caverwall
He wrote of the hard luck cases and the battlers and the downtrod
And the people who felt helpless and forsaken by their God.

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