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Robert Burns The Pride Of His Country

He died as a young man when in his life's prime
But his poems and songs have survived the test of time
In death the fame lives of the legendary man
Robert Burns the pride of his Country and Clan

As a primary going schoolboy when my hair was dark brown
I first heard Burns 'Afton Water' sung in Millstreet Town
By an Irish traveler at the September horse fair
A memorable song with a beautiful air

I became acquainted with the poetry of Burns when i was a boy
His poems and his songs to the millions bring joy
A song of his always a joy for to hear
His 'Auld Lang Syne' the anthem of the new year.

He did not grow old to die as an old man
But he did make the most of his short life span
He laughed, drunk and made merry and his poems live as great
In his lifetime a legacy of beauty he did create

The great bard of Ayrshire in Scotland of his Country the pride
Through his poems and songs Robert Burns name is known Worldwide
More than two centuries deceased but in death the legend has grown
Of the one who remains in a class of his own.

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