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Robert Cameron Hazelton

To The Web Poetry Corner he's like a breath of fresh air
And doubtless we ought to thank him since his fine verses he share
With us lovers of poetry and credit he is due
Since to the great Goddess of Poesy he is one who is true.

Fair dues to Robert Cameron Hazelton remember this man's name
His cleverness shows in his verses and that will be his key to fame
His site is worth a visit since he is quite a good poet
And why not we sing his praises since he is worthy of note.

Though some may beg to differ and choose to disagree
As a poet he has a future that's how 'twould seem to me
Amongst the best of The Web Poetry Corner he is one to compare
With the likes of Joyce Hemsley and Ompapa and poets like them are rare.

A poem lives forever and a doggerel dies in a day
And poets are born and not made a wise one once did say
With words of such profound wisdom 'twould be hard to disagree
And Hazelton's a natural poet or so 'twould seem to me.

In Willy Chaplin's Web Poetry Corner one held in high esteem
And his site well worth a visit or so to me 'twould seem
Amongst the best of The Web Poetry Corner he is one you can rate
With poets like Joyce Hemsley and Ompapa and they are surely great.

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