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Robert Hartman

A poet and an artist and a remarkable man
One devoted to his family and his wife Mary Ann
And yet quite a character in his own way
We need more like Robert Hartman in the Human World of today

He is known to some as Robert Vanderhope
And though he is not devout like Francis the Pope
He lives as a good person and never harms anyone
And he is a proud dad to a famous daughter and son

Clever, wise and well educated yet without conceit
A fellow like Robert always a pleasure to meet
From people like him life's insights one does gain
To accommodate the amount of knowledge he has he must have a huge brain

A character and quite a humorous bloke
With a subtle dry humor in his every joke
One in his early seventies he is rather wise
And in the depth of his knowledge Robert does surprise

For to make himself known he does not go out of his way
Yet a humble quiet achiever of him one might say
A good person though not devout like Francis the Pope
Robert Hartman known to some as Robert Vanderhope.

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