Robert Vanderhope

I know this fellow Robert Vanderhope
With life's many challenges one who does readily cope
In his early seventies a long term friend of Janice my good wife
One can say of him that he does lead a varied life

With fairly long wavy brown greying hair and sage like to behold
He does not look like one of seventy plus years old
If i did not know his age and of it were asked to guess
I would have to say sixty maybe even less

A poet and an artist and one of many degrees
Such knowledge and talents he has does not grow on trees
On meeting him you are not left in doubt
That here is one who knows what life's about

Janice and i met him at the Warrnambool Bowls Club he drank red wine
And we talked with him for an hour as we did dine
Such an interesting character to meet
Not many like him live on Merri Street

From living life such insight he does gain
How can so much wisdom and knowledge fit into one brain?
We spent more than an hour with him of quality time
The inspiration of this simple rhyme.

by Francis Duggan

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