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Robin's Cough.
NED (26.12.40 / Littleborough Lancs.U.K.)

Robin's Cough.

The Robin sat coughing,
one morning in June,
as he stood in the snow
on a wet afternoon.
He was wearing green Wellies,
as he played in the sand,
with a bowler on head
and a fag in his hand.

Badger yelled in a whisper,
in his broad cultured voice.
'With so many options,
we're left with no choice'.
Then he glared at the waves
lying broken nearby,
through his rose tinted spectacles
and his clear blue glass eye.

'Dear Boy' he said quickly,
'This just can't go on'.
As he chose each word carefully,
that he stumbled upon.
'Now don't get me wrong,
it will be for the best,
if you follow me out
till the sea meets your chest'.

So Robin stood tall,
puffing out his red breast,
and turning to Badger,
said 'I know you know best'.
Then they stood side by side,
full of wonder and doubt,
on the edge of the waves,
where the tide had gone out.

But Robin coughed more
with his Wellies afloat,
and sighed 'This is worse,
than a bottomless boat.
Perhaps if we tried
going backwards to get in,
the sea would go over,
not under our skin.

Poor Badger laughed tears
till he filled Robin's hat,
which they used as a life-raft
for a passing drowned rat.
The Rat not amused
with his foot in a sling,
stood angrily, yawning
and started to sing.

He crooned 'This is more
than a poor Rat can take.
Being drowned out to sea,
is far worse than a lake.
The waves are so handsome
and the water so wet.
My Sea Horse has bolted
and I've lost my best bet'.

He stole Robin's fag
with his soaking wet paw,
and puffed it and sucked it
till his throat was red raw.
It gave so much pleasure,
that his face turned all grey.
So Robin stopped smoking
and his cough sailed away.

Now Robin and Badger,
with Rat along too,
are hunting adventures
they don't want to do.
Robin's given up smoking,
but his hat's far too small,
so they're sticking together,
all for one, one for all...

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