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Robot Rendering At Pkd

Most of my robots are armed and armoured.

My next one should
Stand next to a half full trolley
in a supermarket car park
suspiciously studying a docket.

It should
Enjoy the particular orange light
after a storm
before sunset.

It should
Display a studied nonchalance
when caught
picking its nose
at traffic lights.

It should
Eat the last piece of cake
with Clint Eastwood cool.

It should
Enjoy standing
in steaming cow dung
after running barefoot
through frosty fields.

It should
Find discreet perches
to watch cats
and its head should swivel swiftly
surprising cats eying it over their shoulders.

It should
Find lost remotes
and toss them gleefully in the air
before pretending they are cellphones
and scuttling away
mid conversation.

My next robot should be perfect.

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Langston Hughes


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