Rock Bottom

The hour of the liars,
Closes in upon them quick.
Those whose lips have flapped with lies...
Have found their alibis,
No longer keeps them in full disguise.

A smothering of coverups,
Has exposed them and their deceiving butts.
Leaving those who chose to follow,
Hitting hard rock bottom!
Without a shred of empathy...
To receive as a loan.
Or a scent of it shown,
From anyone who has it for them to borrow!

Even the thought of caring,
Has become a fear...
People today,
Have dared themselves to share!
Hoping the act of it...
Will not find them labelled,
As liberal activists!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

Haha, like the pun on rock bottom and butt. Except I think maybe we Americans are being sat upon by our government and big business. Or is that shat? -chuck