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Rock It Baby
GH (April 24th / Penzance England)

Rock It Baby

Poem By Gerard Heathcote

Lets rock baby lets lock our hips
Techno trance does my heart and lips
Freak out with dance and frenzy
Shake your hair and turn me crazy
Speak no words just hang loose
I’m crazy baby It’s you I choose

Did my head your sexy dance
Writhing close a great romance
Sticky floors of booze and sweat
Our bodies closer couldn’t get
My arms surround your curvy shape
I’ll not let go we’re glued by tape

Up and down side to side hold me tight
The music belts and drowns the light
All my energy thoughts and will
Are yours forever I love the thrill
Closer closer the sound impels
I melt with you and heaven’s bells

I can’t resist in public view
As the music hits the cue
to brush your breasts as they are mine
sending shivers down your spine
No one sees it’s dark in here
I want you now and year by year

Down the road and far away
These are memories so will decay
I’m listening now to music drowned
In sorrow loss and tearful sound
I want again to feel the beat
Of your heart and body’s heat

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I know that many of us, solemn poets, will pull-over this poem. But I don't. It's like a Mozart's piece which used to write not to cause a scandal but to prove that love is just a 'Rock-it-baby play. It's the salt that makes the meal delicious. I give 9+. Thanks Gerard Heathcote. You made me feel young; poets should be always so. Joseph Josephides Member of the International Society of Poets (ISP) Intern.Library of Poetry awarded